A fun and welcoming space, Café allows students of all ages to interact and relax after school. As well as being able to buy a range of snacks, toast and squash are given out free of charge, and dotted around are fun games and activities. Whilst some students come just for the free food, many others sit and stay to play games, or chat with their friends. A small prayer space is provided for students who wish to take time to reflect on themselves or on life's big issues. The volunteer team are always on hand, to listen, play games and help to create a safe and welcoming environment.

Stat: 200 students attend Café each week across two schools.

Café Team is an opportunity for students, who want to, to learn about working together and serving others. With values of Hospitality, Family and Fun, the team gathers regularly to get to know one another, eat together, and explore the responsibilities involved in running the Café. Which includes welcoming others, serving drinks, and hosting the prayer space. There is no referral process; interested students are simply invited along to discover what it is all about.

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