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Our Vision

“that children and young people in Stanford and Corringham engage with learning, reach their full potential and flourish in all areas of life.”

What we do

We have a wide-ranging long-term strategy that focuses on a student’s individual needs. Comprised of many projects, that together form the Re-Engagement Pathway for children, young people and their families in Stanford and Corringham.

How we do it

Our unique Re-Engagement pathway starts in primary school with TLG Early Intervention, offering targeted mentoring for students most in need. Moving to secondary school, the youth Café and Café Team provide safe spaces for students to engage with and work alongside others. Chaplaincy, in the form of one-to-one mentoring for students with a variety of needs. The Aspire Course; which is a targeted intervention to help students understand themselves and raise their future job aspirations.

Our Alternative Education provides for those who have struggled with school to encourage re-engagement. Co-ordinating Alternative Education is the Remote Liaison Co-Ordinator, who works to create a consistent approach for the student. And finally, Parent Chaplaincy which seeks to equip and empower parents.

Why do we do it?

1 in 4 children live in poverty in the UK, that figure is only set to rise in the coming years. Children in poverty are 5 times more likely to be excluded from school and are predicted to receive 2 GCSE grades lower than there more affluent peers. Children who suffer with poor mental health, that come from a deprived background or that have parents that suffer with poor mental health are far more likely to misbehave in school and disengage.

24-7 Prayer Stanford believe that every child, young person and adult has enormous potential. Given the right environment and support that all can flourish. It is this heart and passion that drives each member of the schools team and community to make such a huge difference to so many. We believe that, through this work, we could stem the generation cycles of deprivation and low aspirations – that we could see a generation of young people rising up to achieve great things in society. Young people that may have been written off, having new stories of hope and

The Story

After a meeting the now CEO of Gable Hall Secondary School In 2011, 24-7 Prayer Stanford were invited to open a Youth Café in Gable Hall Secondary School – this marked the beginning of an incredible journey.

A journey that now enables the team. Along with a team of incredible volunteers, support over 350 students and families each week. Through clubs, mentoring, aspirational courses, running alternative education and more recently through supporting parents. 24-7 Prayer Stanford offer a holistic support package, through the Re-Engagement Pathway. A package that enables individuals to reach their full potential and have hope for a bright future.


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